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Center for Teacher Education


About Us


Since the merging of National Dong-Hwa University (NDHU) and National Hualien University of Education in the school year of 2008, the Center for Teacher Education (CTE) has gained advantages from both universities and become an all-inclusive resource center offering licensure programs, domestic education services, and student-teaching support for teacher candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in the areas of special education, early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary education.


The National Dong Hwa University’s motto is "Of liberty, democracy, creativity, and excellence." In accordance with this belief, the aim of teacher education at NDHU is to produce dedicated educators who possess a solid theoretical foundation and practical teaching experience so that they can handle both the pragmatic and intellectual challenges in our ever-changing society. In addition, as the first comprehensive university established in eastern Taiwan, NDHU is committed “to fostering balanced regional development in Taiwan through the even distribution of higher education systems in the north, south, east, and the west of the island.” Hence, the Center for Teacher Education also holds the responsibility of coordinating resources from inside and outside of the university to develop high quality teacher education on the east coast of Taiwan.



Strategic Initiatives


1. We are committed to developing teacher education programs that are able to fulfill the professional teacher standards established by the Ministry of Education.


2. We are committed to hiring instructors not only from the field of education, but also specialists in other areas from other colleges to prepare high quality teachers because teacher education is a university-wide responsibility.


3. We are committed to creating a wide range of career choices for program graduates by providing teacher licensure programs in the areas of special education, early childhood education, elementary education and secondary education.


4. We are committed to cultivating educators who are willing to devote themselves to facilitating inclusive learning environments by offering service-learning opportunities at the local charities in eastern Taiwan






Director Pao-Feng Lo (羅寶鳳教授) and staff from the five divisions at CTE share responsibilities to prepare high quality educators by providing services in the following areas: Elementary Education Program Section, Secondary Education Program Section, Elementary Education Internship Section, Secondary Education Internship Section and Domestic Educational Services Section.